Stopping for gas in West Virginia while driving back from a family vacation in Florida, we came upon this little lost dog. You were dirty, hungry and covered in fleas and tics and wanted nothing from us but a belly rub. No one knew where you belonged or seemed to care. We knew we couldn’t leave you alone, so in the back seat with the girls you went for a much needed rest and a new lease on life. Arriving home to a fast flea and tic bath, a good meal and later a trip to the groomer, we started the search for your new home. A few days later while coming home for lunch I heard the words that would change yours and our lives, ” Can we please keep him.”Fourteen years later the time came for you to leave us. Our hearts are broken but eventually we will be able to share memories of you with laughter and not tears.Rest in peace little Webster, we will always love you.